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Quickly check seller stock levels on Amazon.com when inventory is 999 units or less.

Use this tool to check the stock levels for Amazon Sellers.

Tool works with inventory levels of 999 or less. 1000 or more units will display as 999.

View lowest offers for variation product pages.

See the next lowest offer on the lowest offer page and the stock quantity for that next lowest over.  You can also toggle through all offers by clicking "show next" without leaving the page!

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HIT Source - (Highlight, Image, Text) Three different methods to help source products quickly and efficiently.

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Sort Review Variations like Shoes by Size and Color to get an estimate of top sellers.

Sort Reviews from lowest to highest, or highest to lowest.

Quickly see how many verified reviews your competition has.

Quickly see how many reviews are giveaways.

Export your product listing photos

Export your customer uploaded images

Export your customer uploaded videos

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Odds are greatly in your favor that Amazon Owes You Money because of Lost and Damaged Inventory. Reclaim that money by using Seller Reimbursement.

Listen to these returns from Seller Reimbursement designers. Eric Hardwick has reclaimed more than $100,000. John Bullard, Jr. has reclaimed more than $30,000. And these numbers came after both had already utilized competitor programs. And they are not even finished submitting their reports yet!

We will be shocked if your refunds don’t pay for the one time fee to receive this report.

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  • Minimum of 300 Amazon to Amazon Shoe Flips a Month
  • Minimum of 80% ROI
  • Access to Facebook Group to receive deals and learn additional advanced strategies
  • Flip like a Pro with Advanced Bonus Chrome Extension Tools
  • Expand Your Sourcing OFF Amazon with our bonus Flipping Shoes Ebook
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