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  • Odds are greatly in your favor that Amazon owes you money because of lost and damaged inventory. Reclaim that money by using Seller Reimbursement.
  • Listen to these returns from Seller Reimbursement designers. Eric Hardwick has reclaimed more than $100,000. John Bullard, Jr. has reclaimed more than $30,000. And these numbers came after both had already utilized competitor programs.  And they are not even finished submitting their reports yet!
  • Your claims will be different based on your sales volume and how long you have been selling. BUT AMAZON DOES OWE YOU MONEY!
  • We show you how to upload the reports from your Amazon account. Then we send you the actual cases that you can submit to Amazon. We show you the best strategies so that you don’t inundate Amazon with too many claims at a time.
  • We will be shocked if your refunds don’t pay for the one time fee to receive this report.

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Recently I received an email from John Bullard Jr about a program to be reimbursed for money that Amazon may owe you for lost, missing, or damaged inventory. They offered a free trial to show the power of this program. I did the free trial just to see if it work and low & behold 2 days later, received a payment from amazon for items that I never realized were missing, lost, or damaged. Thanks John Bullard Jr!!

Ron Jones

Amazon processed a reimbursement of $75.61 for the free case you sent me yesterday.

I have just bought your reimbursement program.

I look forward to receiving more cases.

Thank you,